This course is amazing and gives you a real overview of how to network in the right way.

Leanne Miller

The Networking Masterclass delivered by Lorna at Parrot was excellent. I think it would serve both new networkers, and those keen to refresh, update and develop their skills. I am taking a lot away with me to put into practice.

Helen Mortimer

Very good course.

Erika Sloper

Very thorough course, delivered enthusiastically with good practical examples. I learnt new skills and reassured myself that my networking style is good. Will give me new confidence.

Debbie Clifton

Good content, great strategies on how to cope with breaking into groups and out of groups. Great advice on how to keep conversations going.

Ursula Boardman

Excellent course – Lorna has increased my confidence by helping me understand what I can offer other networkers. She has helped me better understand what can be achieved from networking and how to do it – thank you

Fiona Hansford

Lorna is extremely knowledgeable and evidently an experienced networker. The masterclass was a successful mix of learning and sharing personal experiences and anecdotes.  I would recommend this training especially for those new to networking.

Michelle Scanlan-Sansom

I definitely feel more informed and confident about networking.  This training will have lasting benefits for me and I recommend it to others.

Adrian John Oliver

As a complete newbie to networking this event has given me confidence that I am capable to get involved at events. That preparation is an essential key to how successful you can be.

Vanessa Head 

This networking should be seen by anyone new to networking AND those who think that they are experienced - you are bound to learn something new.

Martyn Brown 

I just did your on-line course, Networking Masterclass, at the bargain price of £27, which is amazingly good value for such a comprehensive course.

I especially liked the section about breaking in to groups which seems like the hardest thing sometimes and your section on planning, before I go, will definitely be of great use from now on.

Joy T Davis