We are all aware of the importance of branding to an organisation, but how many of us spend time thinking about our own personal brand?

I’m not talking about having your own personal logo, that would be a little bit strange, but about what you will personally be remembered for and how you are perceived in the eyes of others.

Your brand could be a mirror of how your business is perceived or totally different but it will impact how people see you, interact with you and ultimately how successful you are.

It will be affected by your beliefs about yourself which will, consciously or not, be portrayed to others by your actions. Your self-respect, your self-worth and your self-confidence all play a part and you need to decide what you believe about yourself and how this relates to your actions and ultimately your brand.

If you have negative beliefs, you can change them, start by changing your internal voice, you know the one that tells you you’re not good at something, never tell yourself something you wouldn’t actually say to your best friend.

Actions are another indicator of personal brand. Whatever you do, it will be noticed and influence people’s perceptions about you.

If you fail to deliver something you promised, even if it’s very small and unimportant, people will remember this and it will affect how they see you. Will they trust you with something important if you can’t deliver the little things?

How do you behave around others? Do you act the clown, when you actually want to be taken seriously? Do you act aloof when you would rather be known as friendly? Act how you want to be known.

Your branding can also be impacted by what you wear, we all judge on appearance, whether we like it or not. People take one look at you, sum you up in five seconds and then treat you accordingly. So make sure your clothes are living up to the brand you want to portray.

Your thoughts, actions and behaviour all form part of your personal brand and only you can control your them, so make sure you know what your brand says about you and how this is affecting your success.