What to do before you go networking

Understanding why you need to network, the importance of what you are going to say and what you want to achieve are fundamental to being a success. Take away planning tools so you can forward plan before your events.

Speaking to strangers

Most people, unless you are really sociable, find this scary. This course will explore some of the reasons for this, how to overcome them and how you can become the hero of all the nervous and shy people in the room.

Working the room

With everyone else in the room already in small groups, this can seem daunting. It can be easily as daunting on occasions to find a polite way out of groups. We will look at how our body language and the body language of others affect our success, how to put people at ease and how to join and move on from groups with ease.

Getting the most out of each conversation

Whoever you find yourself speaking to, you need to make the most of the conversation; you never know it could be the conversation that changes your day, your career or your life. This course will help you find ways to relate to others, find common ground and be remembered.

Helping and connecting others

Find out why this is one of the most fundamental aspects of networking and why it should be one of the biggest focuses of your long term networking plan. Helping others helps ourselves.

Importance of follow ups

Once you have left the event, this isn’t the end of your networking. Here we look at the importance of following up with new contacts, following through on agreed actions and keeping in touch.