Those of you who run small businesses will be able to relate to this dilemma. When do you muddle through a business issue and do it yourself and when do you spend money and get the professionals in to help?

Most of us will get an accountant in, even if only to check what we have done at the end of the year as getting the accounts wrong can be very damaging to your business. However, what about other areas such as Marketing and PR, these can also be two aspects that if done wrong can be equally if not more damaging.

How many small business owners, who aren’t experts in Marketing and PR try to do it themselves with very mixed results.

After trying to do just that, I recently took a step back and decided that instead of stressing myself out trying to do the best I could, I would get the professionals in.

I’m so glad I did.

I turned to two of my long standing contacts, one for PR and one for Marketing. Gareth John of Wordcaster PR and Martyn Brown from Marketing Bugle. I have worked with both Gareth and Martyn in the past and they really know their stuff. (I can’t recommend either of them highly enough.)

Both have been great in guiding me away from making mistakes, some of these I needed to be persuaded were actually mistakes, but in the rapidly moving worlds of marketing and PR, even small mistakes can mean the difference between being successful or not or even between surviving or not.

By using their services, I am not only ensuring that I get things right, I’m also saving a huge amount of time which I’m now investing in the things I am good at and moving my business forward.

So my advice would be, look at your own skills, do the things you are good at, take advice where you can and if you are in any doubt about your ability to do a job to the standard it really needs to be done – get in a professional.

DIY vs Professional Help