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Networking is a great way of building new connections and spreading the word about your business, finding new customers and sourcing new suppliers.

You know yourself, you are more likely to try a new supplier that you have met or that has been recommended to you, than pick one at random from an advert or from an internet search.

I typically work with people who tell me they are terrified of networking, others tell me they are frustrated at their lack of success and some tell me that they find networking tedious and unproductive.

Any of this sound familiar?

Most organisations send people out networking with no training or planning and hope for the best. If you are happy to spend hard earned money this way, then read no further, if however you would like to succeed every time you network, then read on:

Networking successfully is a skill that can bring huge benefits to an organisation, being able to speak to strangers, saying the right things, working the room and making the right connections can be seen by some as an art form.

​Even many experienced networkers are still filled with horror when walking into a room full of strangers who are already talking in small groups. It can seem that you are the only one in the room who doesn’t know everyone else, are not sure what you are doing or what to say.

If this sounds familiar, or if you are a confident networker but are not always gaining the success you would like, then click here for details of our Networking Masterclass.

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